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East Doncaster Secondary College




VCE中文第二语言 VCE Chinese Second Language


  • 在以中文为主的学校接受教育十二个月或者十二个月以上;或
  • 在维省教育部划定的以下四个国家和地区(中国大陆 /香港/澳门/台湾)居住三年(36个月)或更长时间

A student is NOT eligible for Chinese Second Language if they have had either:

  • 12 months or more education in a school where Chinese is the medium of instruction, or
  • 3 years (36 months) or more residence in any of the VCAA nominated countries or regions(China/Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau).



VCE中文第二语言高级 VCE Chinese Second Language Advance


  • 在以中文为主要教育语言的学校接受教育不超过7年;并且
  • 在以中文为主要教育语言的学校接受的最高教育不超过维省7年级水平(如:不超过中国的初中一年级)


Eligibility criteria A student is eligible for Chinese Second Language ​Advanced if:

they have had no more than 7 years of education in a school where Chinese is the medium of instruction the highest level of education attained in a school where Chinese is the medium of instruction is no greater than the equivalent of Year 7 in a Victorian school. The time periods referred to in these criteria will be counted cumulatively since the time of the student’s birth. As the formal education commencement age for a Victorian student is 5 years of age, then all applicants will be deemed to have commenced formal education by the end of their 5th year of age, regardless of the setting.

Terms and Condtions




  1. 学校严格遵循教育部的各项规定要求,并严格遵守儿童安全相关法律。
  2. 学校制定了《学生守则》、《学生奖惩条例》、《学生出勤条例》、《学生纪律管理条例》等相关规定。
  3. 学生自觉遵守学校制定的各项规章制度,维护学校的名誉,保护学校的知识产权,损坏公物自行赔偿。
  4. 学校开放期间,早上9:10以前如无家长陪同,学生不能独自进入校园。
  5. 上课期间,未经许可,学生不得擅自离校,严禁出校门游戏、购物或私自回家。
  6. 上课期间,学生不得使用手机;未经任课老师许可,不得使用平板电脑。
  7. 不建议学生携带贵重物品到学校,如有丢失,责任自负。
  8. 提前接孩子的家长必须先到办公室填写表格,获得学校书面许可后才能去教室接走孩子。
  9. 放学15分钟后仍无家长来接的学生,将集中送到各校区所在中文办公室,请晚到的家长到办公室接领学生。
  10. 如家长临时有事,不能亲自接孩子,请书面授权其他亲友或朋友在规定时间内来学校接领孩子。
  11. 为避免引起其他学生的食物过敏问题,所有学生和家长不得携带含有花生等坚果类及蛋类等食物进入校园。
  12. 上课期间,所有家长及非本校教职员工不得在校园内滞留。
  1. The school observes the rules and regulations framed by the Department of Education and Training including those of Child Safety Standards.
  2. The school has developed relevant policies such as Discipline Procedures, Student Attendance Policy, etc.
  3. Students observe the regulations framed by the school, protect the school's reputation and intellectual properties and take the responsibility for the damages caused by themselves.
  4. Within school terms, students are not allowed to enter the campus without the company of adults before 9:10am.
  5. Without permission, students cannot leave school for shopping or go home during school time.
  6. During class time, students are not allowed to use mobile phones; Without permission of class teachers, students are not allowed to use tablets in class.
  7. Students are not suggested to bring any valuable items to school. They would take full responsibilities for any loss or damage.
  8. Early collection is only accepted with written confirmation from the Chinese Office after completing the Student Early Collection Form. 
  9. All the students not being collected 15 minutes after class would be sent to the Chinese Office on campus.
  10. Parents need to provide written authorization for other guardians or friends to collect their children if they are not able to do so themselves.
  11. All the campuses are NUTS-FREE and EGGS-FREE due to food allergic concerns.
  12. During class time, parents and non-ECLS staff are not allowed to stay on campus.



个人信息收集-保护您的个人隐私 Privacy Collection Notice - Protecting your privacy and sharing information

The information about your child and family collected through this enrolment form will only be shared with school staff who need to know to enable the community language school to educate or support your child, or to fulfil legal obligations including duty of care, anti-discrimination law and occupational health and safety law. This includes using the contact information provided if there are any emergencies or medical issues. Residency status is checked to ensure that your child is eligible for funding. Your child’s name, date of birth and mainstream school name/s will be shared with the Department of Education and Training (the Department) to confirm funding eligibility. The information collected will not be disclosed beyond the community language school or the Department without your consent, unless such disclosure is lawful. For more about information-sharing and privacy, see the Department’s privacy policy at:


If you have any queries about the handling of your information by the community language school or to correct and update your information please contact the school.



家长/监护人声明 Parent / Guardian Privacy Consent and Declaration

I confirm that the information provided on this enrolment form is true and correct and I acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions of enrolment accompanying this enrolment form. I consent to:

  • the collection of my child’s health and personal information by the community language school for the purposes mentioned in this form;
  • the community language school disclosing my child’s personal information contained in this enrolment form (name, date of birth and mainstream school name), to the Department of Education and Training for data verification and funding purposes

I understand that the Principal or teacher (where the Principal or teacher in charge is unable to contact me) is allowed to disclose personal and health information to professional third parties in the event of a medical emergency, in accordance with Victorian privacy law.



年度肖像公开声明 Annual Photography Consent

During the school year there are many occasions and events where staff may photograph, film or record students participating in school activities and events. We do this for many reasons including to celebrate student participation and achievement, or to communicate with our parents and school community.

This notice applies to photographs, video or recordings of students that are collected, used and disclosed by the school. We ask that any parents/carers or other members of our school community photographing, filming or recording students at school events (e.g. concerts, sports events etc) do so in a respectful and safe manner and that any photos, video or recordings (“images”) of students are not publicly posted (e.g. to a social media account) without the permission of the relevant parent/carer.

If you do not understand any aspect of this notice, or you would like to talk about any concerns you have, please contact the community language school.



I consent to my child being photographed or audio/visually recorded participating in class or school activities for the use and purposes of sharing

  • with other families in the school that will only be sent to school families in my child’s class.
  • in the school newsletter.
  • on the school website, in CLS marketing or CLS social media sites.


You may withdraw your consent at any time however please note that it may not be possible for the school to amend past publications or to withdraw images that are already in the public domain.